Space War against ILLITERACY and DYSLEXIA!

Typing Fingers – Enemy is a unique app that combines education with gaming. It teaches touch typing in a stylised space shooter game genre.

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An unknown enemy is attacking our universe. All of humanity star-bases and space colonies are out of contact and likely under control of alien entities. The space gate, a very complex and huge device used to travel between dimensions, has been destroyed. The Central Brain of Mankind(CBM) has been compromised as well, which represents a huge threat because now the Enemy has control over humanity’s own ships! The only chance to take control back is the program called: Brain Ship, a ship controlled by a commander’s brain. The player, as a commander, is going to be sent to several missions to save all of humanity.”

The story takes place in a universe where humanity has expanded aggressively through the galaxies and has formed multiple colonies without any control. They reach a point where they are faced by an unknown Ancient Entity that threatens to destroy all of what humanity has accomplished by every means necessary, and its high power doesn’t seem to know defeat.

After this Enemy takes control of all of humanity’s ships armada, the only hope for survival is the Brain Ship Program. It is a ship piloted remotely by a commander using only his brain. The player plays the role of this commander. His only mission is to defeat the Enemy and regain control of the universe back.

As the game progresses, it is revealed to the player that this Ancient Entity’s only objective is to stop humanity from continually expanding. The humans seem to be greedy and ambitious (like a virus) and will end up destroying everything, just like they did with their original planet, Earth. This final plot twist is going to be presented to the player at the end of the game and will create the bases for future games inside this same universe.

Education Mode

Education Mode is designed for users that learn to type.

Arcade MODE

Arcade Mode is designed for real gamers.