(Interference) ... __ “We, humans, conquered all... first the earth and now the universe itself is at our feet. No one is able to stop us, we build the dimensional Space Gate and The Central Brain of Mankind, which allows us to control everything flawlessly. What harm could it be holding so much power? Nothing less expected from the most capable creatures that ever lived. We never believed evil would come our way again.


... (Rage voice) We were unbeatable, what a foolish thought. One day almost out of nowhere, we were surprised by an unknown enemy, that successfully infiltrated and took control of The Central Brain of Mankind. That was the beginning of the end of our peaceful days.


__We lost control of all our ships, communications with other star-bases, colonies were shut down, and lastly the dimensional Space Gate was destroyed. Overthrown in a blink of an eye, how could this happen to us again?

Hey you, Commander!  HURRY UP ! You and your Brain Ship Program are our only and last hope!! The destiny of all humankind is at your fingers.”

Space War against ILLITERACY and DYSLEXIA!

Typing Fingers – Enemy is an unique app that combines education with gaming. It teaches touch typing in a stylized space shooter game genre.

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Get into typing-style battles against unknown enemies that are trying to wipe out humankind from all the universe.  As follows,  Save the human race by playing the role of a commander with his Brain Ship Program that allows him to control ships mentally. Dive yourself in the greatest space war against illiteracy and survival to regain control of every human star-base and colony that fell under enemy power




Learning touch-typing will never be boring when you are traveling across space while kicking enemy ships, and perhaps, saving humanity. Learn the basics and become right away a master in touch-typing.

• The first mission of the game starts with only the letters ‘F’ and ‘J’, then the ‘D’ and ‘K’ letters are added in the next mission, and so on.  Also, as each mission starts, there will be an in-game explanation about the new letters added and the correct typing.


Perceive you as the fastest touch-typing commander of the universe? Restore control of human bases and colonies from unknown enemies that want to wipe humans by all means.

> Type words as fast and accurate as you can to protect yourself against missiles, bullets, mines, and all kinds of ships that come at  you.

> Collect crystals to buy power-ups and upgrade your weapons and defenses just as you make missions easier.

> Defeat chiefs and collect all the badges to unlock all the achievements while you compete with your friends and get to the top of the leaderboard.



Challenge yourself according to your expertise and typing dexterity between three modes: easy, medium and hard. As you increase your difficulty level so it will the number and speed of the enemy ships that will fiercely come at you.



Enemies will come in different formations and different types of ships that will throw all kinds of projectiles at you. Every destroyable object will have a letter or word attached to them, type as fast as you can  without mistakes to destroy it.

Keep wide awake and solve the nearest words first. If you don’t get typing mistakes, you’ll receive bonuses and power-ups to use on each level, but if you do get any, prepare yourself to assume its consequences.