Typing Fingers uses a completely new approach to teach the efficient touch-typing (ten-fingers) system. It makes typing fun, is interactive, and works with modern technologies and a new teaching method. The beautiful design and peaceful music create an amazing atmosphere that allows everybody, including children, to improve their typing skills and get TYPING FINGERS DIPLOMA after successful completion of all levels.

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What is Touch Typing?

If you want to type speedily and accurately then it is necessary to learn touch typing.
Touch typing is a method by which you can type with speed and efficiency without looking at the keyboard.

Why Touch Typing is important?

  • Time saving

    Learning to efficiently touch type will help you increase your typing speed by leaps and bounds. Faster typing speed means less time required to finish a typing task. Thus learning touch typing will be a game-changer for your educational and professional productivity.

  • Enhance accuracy:

    Touch typing trains your brain to automatically locate the location of keys while typewriting. Apparently, such ability will occur with sincere practice but once achieved, you will be able to type with fewer mistakes and more accuracy.

  • Seamless flow of imagination

    The tedious task of hunting keys before pressing it is nothing but a speed breaker in the writing task. Many students, creative children, and adroit kids who are skillful writers complain that their inability to touch type disrupts their flow of imagination. Touch typing will let you concentrate on your imagination and material on hand while leaving the task of typing wholly on your fingers.

    The faulty habit of typing with two fingers and constantly moving your neck in succession for glancing at the keyboard and the screen causes stress to your neck and fingers. While touch typing, you use all your fingers coherently and the need to glance at the keyboard is totally eliminated.

Why Typing Fingers App?

Your quest to find the best typing website ends here because
Typing Fingers App will help you become a typing master in 3 easy steps!

Step 1 – LEARN

Learn to type accurately without looking at the keyboard with 32 interactive lessons and fun games in 7 different languages. A competent tutor with voice over will guide you in your pursuit of acquiring excellent touch typing skills.

Step 2 – PLAY

Practice your skills in fun practice sessions. Polish your skills in 3 different modes of playing with beautiful colored keyboards and speed control mechanism.

Step 3 – TEST

Test your typing skills in numerous typing tests that measure the number of characters per minute. After passing the final test, receive a wonderful diploma in your name and enjoy being a typing pro.