Now learn typing and get certificate Guaranteed. Typing being one of the most important skills needed in today’s era, has to be learnt as early as one can. However, there is no such right age to learn, but scientifically, 3+ age is the perfect age for type-learning. Keeping the age factor and their ground of interest, many type-learning apps offer home schooling for the same. The online type learning app comes with a whole package that includes learn, play and lastly test. The learning part includes various techniques that teaches typing with accuracy and speed.

Typing Fingers is one such app that targets the development of typing skills within children and improvement among beginners. It is designed and developed in such a way that it keeps the user engaged in learning process. It is the best app that provides typing practice online. It comprises of two levels, namely learning mode and play mode. The learning mode will teach you various techniques to type fast and accurate and the game mode will teach you, how to increase the speed.

Users are also given a typing speed certificate from Foriero when all the levels are successfully completed. The language switch over facility provides a great comfort to those who don’t understand English. Download the app today, to get the Diploma certificate in typing.