Keyboarding is an art in itself. Making your child learn touch type ensures that he will become more confident and will also perform well academically. We can say that type learning is a fruitful investment for your kid’s bright future. Teaching the right method of typing ensures their success in this field. It will increase the speed as well as the accuracy. Assuming the importance of internet, firms are setting the criteria of 60wpm that requires speed and accuracy both. Thus, adults also need the same. Improving the typing skills will help one stay firm in market, enhance one’s resume and develop the efficiency for touch typing.

There are many type learning apps available in the market. In fact, there are many typing games that encourage the daily practice keyboarding for kids. Using these kind of apps is really useful as they create fun in the atmosphere. The apps make sure that your child wouldn’t know that he is actually “learning” touch typing. The daily practice of typing programs from homeschools makes instant message writing, email or writing the documentation much simpler, faster and trouble free.

Typing Fingers is one such amazing app that follows the motto “learn with fun”. It has a beautiful layout with an attractive tutor voice that creates the friendly atmosphere for type learning. Even users who are not fluent in English can switch over to their preferred language. It gives the facility to change into 7 different languages. Moreover, it has different modes like play, learn and test which keeps children engaged in learning while playing typing games. Users will get typing certificate from Foriero, after completion of final test successfully. Now this is what we call a complete type learning app.