A home school is a school which includes children as students and parents as teachers. Parents teach the academic curriculum at home instead of sending them to school. It is legal throughout Europe. There is a tremendous need for proficient typing, thus it is mandatory to teach them typing right from childhood. You can teach your kids typing at home only. For that, go for typing online app, which can help you a lot. There are many type learning apps that are designed only for children and beginners, thus keeping the layouts and voices interactive to them. This makes them learn with fun.

The online type learning app comes with a whole package that includes learn, play and lastly test. The learning part includes various techniques that teaches typing with accuracy and speed. The homeschool typing curriculum includes the games part that has either falling letters or typing the correct alphabets followed by words. Speed of falling characters will increase as the level increases. Lastly, the test is taken of that particular level which has to be passed compulsorily to move to the further level. Many typing apps like Typing Fingers give Foriero Diploma after completion of all the levels.

These apps are a boon for keyboard practice games for kids and beginners. One must give a try to let their child be a master in typing.